How do I study for an Actuarial Exam?

Studying for an actuarial exam follows three general phases.

  1. Read and review the information on the syllabus.
  2. Apply information to practice problems.
  3. Get faster.

These steps are common to all learning. In the university setting, the most study time is allocated to the first two steps.  In a typical course, if you show thorough understanding of materials at the exam, you guarantee a passing grade.  This works for two reasons.  First, the primary goal of university courses is education[1]. Showing understanding helps the professor reach that goal.  Second, the professor gets bad reviews if everyone fails.  Even the worst students escape with a C.

These phases are obvious.

The problem is that at some point you will hit a wall.  Your weak techniques will hit an exam that will crush you.  Like a grape.

In the rubble you will wonder, “I studied for 6 months to get a 4, What happened?”

Maybe, you’ll never give to that point.  Congratulations.  Most people find an exam or course that forces them to reexamine their study habits.


[1] Other primary goals include taking your money, provide a location for alcoholism, and babysitting.

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