Exam Passing Zone

All great stories have a setting.  The great stories use place as backdrop for action and character development.  When used effectively, the setting is as unforgettable as the characters.

For example, is Into Thin Air the same book if it takes place in the prairie?

Exhibit A:


Mt. Everest- Creative Commons: Thomas Wanhoff, 2006

Exhibit B:

The prairie

Trigales / Wheat fields by Claudio.Ar / © Some rights reserved.


Setting is also important when you are studying for an exam. When you have a place to study, entering the place will signal to your brain that it’s time to get serious.

Since habits form in a “signal/response” process, creating a space that has few previous “signals” will help you get closer to a blank state with your habits. In this place, you can create the new habits that will guide you to success. More on that later.

For now, find a place to study. Pass the exam like a boss.


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