Should I major in Actuarial Science?

The short answer is: “I don’t care; it’s your money.”

Because that answer is unhelpful, I will expand.

Majoring in Actuarial Science (Act Sci) has two major advantages: easier job networking and good exam support.

Job networking starts before you graduate.  When the big actuarial firms come to campus, they will definitely communicate with the Act Sci department.  They usually hold open houses or luncheons with those invited through the department.  In addition, Act Sci Alumni help place students from their alma mater. You have an instant connection with these professionals by virtue of your college experiences.  Last,  you will have peers in your classes looking for the same jobs you want.  This is a good thing.  You can share information to help each other navigate the local actuarial job market.

It’s the same with exam support. You will get to use your tuition money to pay for semester long exam preparation courses instead of spending more money after graduation.  Getting a head start on exams will help you stand out to potential employers.

However, not majoring in Act Sci has one major advantage: flexibility to explore other fields.  Don’t worry, the networking and exam disadvantage can be overcome by the interested student.

Actually, I can only think of two cases when a person should not major in Act Sci.  First, if you already have a BS (or are close to one), don’t go back to school (start over) for an Act Sci degree, just take exams after you graduate.  Second, if the Act Sci department in your school stinks.

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